Services Summary

ActionMap delivers 

  • meeting facilitations
  • training and
  • project support

based on the ActionMap Toolkit software and method.  

ActionMap training can be used to engage client staff:

  • in process change projects that involve broad scope and extended duration, or
  • for ongoing process knowledge sharing, collaboration and improvement.

Service Results

The primary results delivered by ActionMap Consulting and Training Services are to accelerate the delivery of process change benefits by:

  • Rapidly creating strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action, supported by
  • High quality process maps, evaluations and action plans.

These are high-leverage, versatile results that can be applied in a very wide range of process content areas and development phases.  Particular application areas are:

  • Project Acceleration
  • Business Process Change
  • Re-organization
  • Team Building
  • Customer Solutions Development
  • Vision and Strategy

Delivery Staff

ActionMap Consulting and Training Services are delivered by Jim Johnson, co-developer of the ActionMap Toolkit method and principal developer of the ActionMap Toolkit software.

Jim has a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.  His career includes IT development, management, support and sales, professional meeting facilitation, Tier 1 consulting account management and IT performance management and compliance.

As principal consultant Jim Johnson brings over 30 years of experience in accelerating results in hundreds of business and technology process change situations.

Contact us

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