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Consultant and Client Value Accelerator


The ActionMap Value Proposition

ActionMap’s Goal is to significantly increase your capability to produce value and earn revenue within a few weeks or less.

How? By adding a “utility service” to your practice that increases your ability to deliver what your clients want.

The service is based on the ActionMap Toolkit, a “process workshop in-a-box” SaaS application for delivering fast-paced, high-engagement, high value workshops for process improvement, problem solving, decision making and team building.


ActionMap delivers value in your client engagements:

What Consulting Clients Want

In addition to:
Results and deliverables and
– the “Three A’s”: Ability, Affability and Availability,

things that clients want include:

Clarity: Clients are in a situation where they do not fully understand what’s going on, or they would not be hiring a consultant. First and foremost they want clarity.

Speed: Time is money, in both consulting costs and delayed benefits.

Strong, persistent impact: Or else why bother with the overhead of engaging?

Low disruption: Let us keep working or quickly get back to work.

Engagement: Must have staff buy-in to support all the rest.


ActionMap delivers value in your consulting practice

Broader markets for your skills and services

– The more you have to sell, the greater your opportunity to make a sale.

Shorter sales cycles

– The best way to generate interest is to show interest in the client. The best way to create trust is to start adding value.
– Low overhead, fast-paced, high-impact process review workshops deliver both.

Faster and more complete discovery

– The core work in discovery is to capture “tacit personal knowledge” and turn it into “explicit shared knowledge”.
– What would it be like if you could to that across an entire group in hours instead of days and weeks?

Increased client adoption of recommendations

– Lots of things can prevent your recommendations from being implemented.
– Consensus among key stakeholders should not be one of them.
– What would it be like if you could create detailed consensus, to the fullest extent possible, in reliable, systematic way?



ActionMap is based on a method that has been using in over one hundred meetings with organizations including the ones shown here, covering a wide range of business, technology and organizational change situations.


Putting ActionMap into Software

We converted the ActionMap method to software for conducting structured, high-engagement online meetings. The software uses a single page layout to lead a group thorough a compact process change cycle, up to assigned, scheduled action items.

The software focuses on creating strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action.

The software generates supporting work products for immediate download in PowerPoint and Excel.

Training and coaching package

We are offering a training and coaching package based on the software for accelerating consultant and client value production. 


How this training and coaching program can increase revenue for your consulting practice

ActionMap workshops have high intrinsic value and are competitively differentiated.

Rapidly creating strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment in hours instead of days and weeks, supported by high quality process maps, evaluations and action plans. 

ActionMap workshops are widely applicable.

– There are many opportunities to utilize them.
– They are compatible with virtually any other methodology. 

ActionMap workshops are easy to engage clients with.

– A short demonstration of the method very often engages interest.
– The low overhead, fast startup time is attractive.
– The ability to rapidly produce value makes an easy closing point.

ActionMap workshops create stronger solutions and greater client team buy-in, resulting in greater adoption of recommendations. 

– This contributes to more repeat business, stronger testimonials and more frequent referrals. 

Virtual meeting facilitations are needed and valued.

– Virtual meetings are the “new normal”.
– Facilitations are an important way to speed up project results and overcome “Zoom fatigue”. 

Virtual meeting facilitations pay well.

Rates range from $125 per hour for “juniors” to $350+ per hour for “seniors”. 

ActionMap workshops are powerful “door opener” offerings in new business development.

– They rapidly and reliably generate interest and create trust.
– They are inexpensive in terms of time and overhead to deliver free or with significant discounts 


Consultant & Client Value Accelerator

Software, Training and Coaching Package
for increasing Client and Consultant Value
using the ActionMap Toolkit SaaS application


■  Consultant has confidence to:

      ■   Apply the application to different client situations

      ■   Communicate the value of ActionMap workshops to clients

      ■   Use the application effectively in online meetings with client groups


Deliverables and Curriculum Overview

■  1-year software subscription

■  Free online startup self-training (solo by the Consultant, about an hour; required for further training)

■  Online Training/Coaching Session 1

      ■  75 minutes of online interactive training on using the ActionMap Toolkit software application, covering:

            ■  Facilitation: practice using the software in a simulated workshop facilitation run by the consultant, with the trainer acting as the client

            ■  Mechanics: Q&A on software operations, during the simulated workshop

 ■  Solo practice by the Consultant (between Sessions 1 and 2) 

 ■  Online Training/Coaching Session 2

      ■  75 minutes of online training and coaching, covering:

            ■  Application: how to apply the Toolkit in different situations, using your current consulting opportunities as examples

            ■  Client engagement: how to present the value of using the software to clients 

 ■  Ongoing free self-training, Q&A email support and community forum at the ActionMap support site


It starts with a demonstration

After selling and conducting 100+ workshops, and hundreds more ad hoc uses, we have found that people most effectively understand ActionMap when they see a demo, at which point they usually get it right away (and can quickly decide whether of not it is of value to them).

To see a demonstration of ActionMap focused on a topic of interest to you now, please click on:


Jim Johnson, Co-Founder, ActionMap Inc.

My goal is to increase your consulting revenue by providing you with a tool and skill that expands your capability to add value to your clients’ business operations.