ActionMap Increases Organizational Performance

by rapidly increasing and applying the shared knowledge
of team members’ tasks, value and ideas 

There is a large, valuable and under-used resource in many small and medium-sized organizations.

That resource is the knowledge of the staff, including their “how to” task knowledge and their values and ideas.

Fully utilizing that resource requires sharing that knowledge.

Increasing the shared knowledge of tasks, values and ideas among staff members and managers can support the goals of:

  • Leadership as Coaching,
  • Employee Engagement and
  • Continuous Process Improvement.

To test this, consider what it would be like to increase or decrease the shared knowledge in the above diagram.

    Immediate Benefits

    This knowledge sharing can produce immediate benefits in the form:

    • solving stubborn problems,
    • identifying quick-win opportunities for improvement, and
    • creating strong consensus for action.

    ActionMap’s goal is to produce these results in hours and days, instead of weeks and months.

    The Challenge

    Such knowledge sharing typically requires formal process methods and cultural changes.

    However, these methods and changes are often beyond the reach of smaller organizations.

    ActionMap’s Solution

    ActionMap delivers value through a “Process Workshop In-A-Box” software application that helps clients rapidly:

    • Capture and share staff task knowledge, values and ideas;
    • Focus that information on immediately doable improvement actions; and
    • Create direct progress toward the broader goals above.

    Our Credentials

    The ActionMap method has been used in over 100 workshops with organizations including those shown here:

      Specific benefits of ActionMap for consultants, coaches and advisors

      Consultants, coaches and advisors can quickly add ActionMap methods, tools and services to their businesses to help:

      • Expand offerings;
      • Accelerate client acquisition;
      • More quickly begin solving problems and discovering opportunities; and
      • Strengthen client implementation of recommendations….

        …while creating a starting point in client organizations for leadership as coaching, employee engagement and continuous improvement.

            Call to Action

            Our current focus is on partnering with small and medium-sized consultancies who are open to an innovative approach to helping their clients and growing their practices, through:

            • supporting-role delivery of workshops.;
            • discounted ActionMap software subscriptions (currently $27/month);
            • free online training and free training support.

            The Difference is in the Demonstration

            We provide extensive descriptions of the ActionMap method and its benefits and uses, including sample engagements and detailed free training, at and

            However, the key value of the ActionMap method is that it creates a unique, highly engaging learning experience. That experience can best be appreciated through a demonstration of the method on a subject that you are interested in now.

            For a free personalized demonstration of the ActionMap SaaS application on a subject of interest to you, please go to

            Collaboration for Delivering
            the Value of Process Methods
            to Smaller Organizations

            An additional opportunity to increase value add and revenue

            In addition to rapidly increasing shared knowledge of tasks, values and ideas among staff, managers and other stakeholders, ActionMap can also extend the value of process services to small to medium sized organizations where those services are out of reach due to complexity and required cultural changes.

              How ActionMap can create value with partner consultants

              We are developing an informal network of consultants, coaches anda advisers who can:
              – use the Toolkit themselves, to conduct workshops for their clients, and to achieve the goals at the top of this page,
              – provide training in the Toolkit to their clients,
              – refer clients to other network members, based on industry specialization and subject matter expertise, and
              – collaborate on ideas for increasing process capabilities among their clients

              ActionMap adds value to this network in the following ways:

              Provide, maintain and add to the software and the support and training materials
              Offer software subscriptions, currently priced at $27 per month, or $14 per month annually
                   – with discounts for early adopters.
              Provide training to consultants in the network
                  – currently at no charge, to jumpstart the network
                  – the initial free, online self-training to start using software takes about an hour
              Conduct initial client workshops with network members to accelerate training and use with the method
              Provide and support an online community around the software and its uses
              Create and deploy marketing materials to grow the network and attract small business clients to the network’s services.

              A startup approach to partnering

               –  Schedule a demonstration of the ActionMap Toolkit “process workshop in-a-box” application on a subject that is of interest to you, with Jim Johnson, ActionMap Principal Consultant, at this page.
              –  Review client engagements and opportunities with Jim, for where ActionMap could add value in your practice.
              –  Conduct a “trial workshop” with yourself and Jim, using much more detail than the demonstration, to see how an actual workshop would add value in a specific situation.
              –  Move forward with:
                  –  Arranging a live workshop with one of your clients
                  –  Training you to deliver workshops.

              More about ActionMap

              More details about ActionMap can be found at these links:

              The value to smaller-organization clients:

              ActionMap Overview
              and on other pages on this web site

              Free training in how to get started with the ActionMap method

              If you are interested…

              If you are interested learning more about this opportunity to:

              – add these services and capabilities to your consulting practice, and

              – work with us in developing this network

              please sign up for an initial conversation at the link below.

              Click here to schedule time with Jim

              Action Mapper / Consensus Catalyst

              Jim Johnson, ActionMap co-founder and principal consultant, brings over 30 years of experience to accelerating process change in business and technology, along with hundreds of experiences in leading high energy group meetings.

              For more information please see our site topics above or reach out to us at our contact page.