Reduce under-utilization of resources 

while reducing organizational stress 

Fast-Result, Affordable, High-Impact Programs for 

Strategy, Capacity and Team Building

ActionMap Value Proposition

The Opportunity

Until you have deliberately worked on it, your organization likely has unused potential capacity.

The same conditions contribute to excessive organzational stress.

How much additional value for your customers can you produce with that unused capacity, and with team members who are less stressed?

Our offer: (limited time)
We help you uncover that unused capacity, and you set the price for our service.

– Start with a 1-hour demonstration workshop that will produce real value.

– Based on that, sign up for our core workshop program:
   –  5 hours of online workshops over a two to three weeks or less, producing strong knowledge sharing, detailed process models, and concrete action plans (see example work products here).

– We will invoice you at an affordable fixed cost.

– Wait 30 days; we will follow up.

– Then pay us based on what you think the results are worth, in terms of the extra capacity to have impact that we discover with you. If you believe pro bono is appropriate, we will agree.

We are confident we will deliver concrete, doable plans for increasing customer value based on your existing resources. 

ActionMap Services Overview

We use “Capacity Building” in the strong sense to include a range of functions that contribute to increased value creation.

See client testimonials, sample engagements and examples of work products at

For conversation and demonstration on a subject of interest to you now, click here for a 15 minute zoom.

How do ActionMap workshops produce value?

The resources needed for large amounts of capacity building already exist within the organization.

Those resources are the knowledge, values and ideas in the minds of the staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders. 

Those resources need to be surfaced, captured, combined, structured and shared in business process models and action plans.

That’s what ActionMap workshops do.

ActionMap addresses an unmet need for process skills and services in small and medium sized organizations.

What is the cost in terms of delivering value
of not having access to those skills and services?

What about the organizational stress?

Organizational stress is reduced by increasing shared understanding

What is the cost in terms of value creation, engagement and turnover of not reducing organizational stress?

Who has used ActionMap and why?

The ActionMap® Toolkit™ method has been used in over 100 engagements, with organizations including these:

The ActionMap® Toolkit™ method has been used for many purposes, including those shown here:

ActionMap workshops produce a broad range of values for many stakeholder groups.

Overcome a major barrier to increasing value delivery, that is:

Lack of shared understanding

People often take shared understanding for granted.  However lack of shared understanding is a major barrier to any sort of change, because lack of shared understanding causes questions such as these:

The way to overcome this barrier is to create strong shared understanding among stakeholders of each other’s of tasks, values, ideas and plans.

Strong shared understanding supports many ways to increase service delivery, including:

– Process Improvement
– New Service Development
– Strategy and Organizational Change
– Employee Productivity and Engagement

The conventional approach to creating strong shared understanding:

A long series of meetings

Accelerate increased service delivery with ActionMap workshops

See client testimonials, sample engagements and examples of work products at

ActionMap employs an innovative software application for conducting reliable, fast-paced, high-engagement facilitated workshops, both online and in-person.

ActionMap’s approach to creating strong shared understanding

ActionMap Workshops

The workshops combine process mapping with process evaluating to rapidly and reliably produce strong shared understanding among participants.

The workshops produce many “ah hah!” moments, as people see the big picture…

…recognize how their jobs are connected…

…and learn about each other’s interests and concerns.

The workshops extend that strong shared understanding with focused brainstorming to create effective, doable, agreed on action plans.

What are multi-workshop programs like?

Workshop Program Designs

General Guidelines

❑  Workshops use an online software application, accessed through e-meeting services such as Zoom or WebEx. Participants need to be able to view the application via individual workstations or large display screens or projections in meeting rooms.

❑  Identify the right people to attend and participate.  The group will ideally consists of people that together have knowledge of the entire topic area, and who are central for creating strong shared understanding and alignment.

❑  Workshops are initially scheduled for two hours, with 90+ minutes effective working time.

❑  No advance training or knowledge exchange is required for participants or facilitator. Just schedule the time and get started.

❑  Results are exported to PowerPoint and Excel for broad distribution.

❑  The PowerPoint and Excel work products can be used after the workshops to capture additional information from a larger group.  That information can then be added into the software for re-export.


ActionMap offers subscriptions and training in the software so that groups can run their own workshops with no further ActionMap service fees.

What do ActionMap services cost?

How much are ActionMap services worth to your organiztation?

You decide.  That’s our offer. 

Below is our target pricing. Our offer is this. We will deliver the core program, described below. After 30 days, you decide how much you think it was worth to your organization, and pay us that. Including if you think it should be pro bono, or of no value to you.

We make this offer in part because we believe the services will advance your positive impact in any case (and we want that to happen.)


Core workshop programs deliver significant standalone value in terms of:
❑ knowledge sharing,
❑ team building, 
❑ detailed process maps, and
❑ concrete, doable action plans

These core programs can be conducted within a few weeks (or even days) at a fixed cost of  $995.

Again, this is a standalone value: you do not need us afterwards.

This core program package covers:
❑ Initial consultation and program design conversation (see “Program Design” above.)
❑ Communications for meeting planning and coordination.
❑ Up to four hours of online workshop time, producing the work products described our examples page (click), along with strong shared understanding, knowledge sharing and team buliding.
❑ Post-workshop document preparation (for distribution in PowerPoint and Excel).
❑ Up to an hour of action plan organizing, formatting and review.
❑ Workshop and program review conversations.

This investment can be rapidly returned through increased productivity and impact, and has lasting benefits in terms of shared understanding and process documentation.

This investment can also be compared to impact that will not occur if you do not increase capacity in this or another way.

Additional services are billed at a target rate of $195 per hour, always on clear mutual agreement.

The times above are flexible; our goal is to deliver the results.

Alternative fee and payment structures are also available.

And again, you decide, after 30 days, whether the services have produced value for your organization, and how much that is worth.

Who delivers ActionMap services?

About ActionMap

ActionMap services are delivered by Jim Johnson, co-founder of ActionMap Inc., a consultancy and software provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Jim’s career includes over 40 years of:
❑ IT development, management, support and sales
❑ Tier 1 consulting business development and account management
❑ IT performance management and compliance
❑ Professional meeting facilitation.

Jim has a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, where he served as student body president. 

For more information about Jim see his LinkedIn profile here:
or see the “Company Info” item on the main menu above.

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