ActionMap Software Early Adopter Program

We are looking for people who want to broadly increase their ability to produce business and social value, using our software. Might you be one of them?

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What are the Pain Points? (Why Care?)

A major obstacle in getting to effective change action:

Lack of strong shared understanding
and alignment among stakeholders

Frustration and dissention from lack of strong shared understanding and alignment among stakeholders about:
– organizational processes and plans and
– each other’s concerns, ideas and interests with respect to those processes and plans.

Delays in benefits & associated reduced ROI resulting from the time required to create that strong understanding and alignment, typically involving long cycles of unproductive meetings.

Risks from going forward without that strong shared understanding and alignment.

Lost opportunity from delays in taking action while windows of opportunity close and stakeholder attention goes elsewhere.

Loss of motivation, interest and confidence from stakeholders and teams, from lack of progress on business, organization and technology initiatives, programs and projects.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

ActionMap’s solution is a software application for conducting workshops that rapidly reduce those pain points.

The software is based on a method proven in over 100 meetings including with several Fortune 500 companies.

The Early Adopter program is currently 100% free (some limitations apply; see below)

The program currently includes a 2-year subscription to the software (a $196 value.)

The program includes online self-training that takes about two hours to complete.

The program includes free personalized training and coaching that takes two to four hours to complete (as much or as little as you want or need, within reason.)

There is no obligation to complete the program. If at any point the program is not working for you just let us know and we’re done (you can keep the subscription).

Who is this for?

You are likely to be a satisfied early adopter if you have a role and goals that are similar to these:

– You personally deliver process-oriented workshops and/or or manage staff who do, and you want to expand and improve both capacity and results.

– You are an experienced facilitator and you want to add to your process-oriented methods.

– You see the career-enhancing value of leading workshops and you want to add that to your skill set.

– You like to help people solve problems and improve their personal and organizational performance, and you want to extend your capabilities there.

Specific Job Areas 

– Process-oriented consultants who want to increase both revenue and client value delivery.

– Pre-sales reps and their managers who want to accelerate sales cycles.

– Business Analysts and their managers who want to increase capacity and reduce backlog.

– Project Managers who want to increase success by reducing risk.

– Human Resource professionals and managers who see that promoting and applying process methods can support major HR goals.

– Consultants to non-profits who want to help their client with organization, process improvement and strategy, for better ability to secure funding, engage volunteers and expand service delivery. 

– Startup founders who need to understand, acquire and/or develop a wide range of back-office and product-focused processes in the shortest amount of time. 

What is the ActionMap Solution?

The ActionMap Toolkit is a SaaS application for conducting fast-paced, high-engagement, high-impact online or in-person workshops focused on:

– rapidly creating strong detailed shared understanding and alignment among stakeholders about

– organizational processes and each other’s evaluations and ideas about those processes,

– leading to detailed “doable now” action plans.

Strong shared stakeholder understanding and alignment are critical to and can improve and accelerate results in a wide range of activities, including those shown here: 

ActionMap’s goal is to produce these

Results in hours and days
instead of weeks and months.

Additional descriptions of the application are provided at and

Who are “ActionMap?”

This Early Adopter program is delivered by Jim Johnson, Co-founder of ActionMap Inc., a small, highly virtual consultancy and software provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Jim’s career includes over 40 years of:
– IT development, management, support and sales
– Tier 1 consulting business development and account management
– IT performance management and compliance
– Professional meeting facilitation.

Jim has a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, where he served as student body president. 

For more details about Jim see Jim’s LinkedIn profile here:

Method Credentials 

The flip chart method that the software is based on has been used in over 100 meetings, with organizations including these:

The software is robust and fully functional (release 1.33). I have used the software in scores of demonstrations and in 12 live engagements with non-profits and startups. I have recently initiated engagements with two more organizations. 

For more details on use cases see

Key Features of the Software Application

Key Features

The SaaS software is accessible anywhere by way of a web browser. It is be shared with participants online in e-meetings, or in-person via overhead projector.

The application provides detailed step-by-step instructions for leading a group through a flexible, compact process improvement cycle.

The main activity for the software operator is as follows:
– The operator explains the steps of the method (explanations are built into each step).
– The software provides questions for each step of the method (the questions are built into each step).
– The operator asks the questions of the meeting participants.
– The participants contribute answers.
– The operator paraphrases and confirm the answers.
– The operator enters the answers into the application.
– The application formats and organizes the answers into process diagrams and a structured discussion-type format, for viewing by the participants (which may prompt further contributions from the participants.)

No advance training is required for workshop participants. Only a few minutes introduction to the method is required before getting to work. This allows for fast, flexible scheduling.

No advance knowledge or expertise with respect to the content area is required by the software operator. This greatly expands the number of people who can make effective use of the software.

Results are output in PowerPoint and Excel and can be shared with other subscribers either through export/import or online sharing.

Additional information on where the application can be used, along with details on the software operation can be found at and

Early Adopter Program Overview


My goal is to assist you in becoming an effective user of the software in live workshops. with actual groups working on real projects, focused on the values described at

Program Activities

First steps: self-training

1) You receive a free 2-year subscription to the software (a $196 value) sent to your preferred email address, which becomes your user ID.
2) You go through the online self-training, which we have tested with 30 people to take 45 to 60 minutes. That teaches you the mechanics of the software (the training is at
3) You do an hour of practice by yourself on one or more subjects of your choice. This reinforces how to:
– follow the structured pattern of questions provided by the software, and
– translate verbally stated answers to the questions into diagram parts and comments (this translation by you is the main part of using the software that is not highly automated.)

Next steps: personalized training and coaching
4) 60 to 90 minutes of personal training with me on conducting a mock workshop (I play the client).
5) 60 to 90 minutes of coaching on how to introduce the tool into actual situations.
6) Additional training and coaching, as long as you are focused on learning.


This can all be spread over time and extended as needed. Again, my goal is to help you be effective with the software so you can produce more and better results for your organization and clients.

– Using the software teaches you the method, which can be conducted on flip charts, white boards or in office automation tool, without needing the software.
– Subscriptions include free access to the online help/support pages and user community forum.
– I can partner with you in business development and delivery of workshops with your clients, as an extension of the training and coaching. 


Why an Early Adopter Program?

ActioinMap Adoption Curve

We have social validation that we can use the software to produce strong results.  We need social validation that other people can use the software to produce similar results. 

We are looking to engage with “visionary” and “innovators” adopters, people who can:
– see the benefits without needing broader user validation and
– like to be on the cutting edge of innovation (for the challenge, stimulation and to be ahead of the pack in terms of benefits). 


With respect to the core value of strong shared understanding and alignment, people may:

– under-estimate the importance of it.
– take it for granted.
– think they have enough of it.
– accept the long cycles of meetings needed to create it.
– accept the risks of not having it.

With respect to the software’s method:

– The method and software are highly innovative. Most people do not “get it” until they see a demonstration, and then they get it within 10 minutes.

– Virtually everyone we show the software to says they’ve never seen anything like it before.

– People ask if the software is project management, process modeling, collaboration, and several other categories.  The best answer is “some of all of those, none completely of any of those.”

– Those products focus primarily on documentation that supports process change.  ActionMap focuses primarily on increasing the human understanding and alignment that is critical to process change, supported by documentation.

With respect to the software’s mechanics, people may feel that:

It’s too complicated.
– It will be for some people, until they see that other people can learn it.
– They won’t know until they try out the training.

The training takes too long.
– It’s not a smartphone app.
– However the payback will be in the first use:

The benefit does not appear to be worth the time and effort to learn the software:
–, and 
– That’s why we’re looking for visionaries and innovators.


Limitations and Expectations


This is a limited time offer.  As of this reading, there is no cost.  With success, we will start charging a modest fee for the training and coaching, and later stop offering free subscriptions and increase the training and coaching fees.

Personal training and coaching session times are limited to 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM US Pacific time and English language. There’s some wiggle room on the time if needed.

The offer of the free or discounted program is limited to individuals, self-employed or within organizations, not to groups (however, everything is negotiable.)  


My intent is that as long as you stick with the program goal, I’ll stick with you.

Our goal is to complete the training and coaching elements of the program within 60 days of program start.

We would like a testimonial for our website if you feel it is warranted. We are also looking for additional case studies, which can help promote your work.

Please note: While the software subscriptions are available to anyone at, and I’m pretty open minded, I reserve the right to withhold the Early Adopter Program services from purposes that I disagree with.

Getting Started

If you would like to go forward, let’s have a conversation 
to answer any questions you may have and confirm expectations.

In order to do that, please:
– schedule a conversation at
– contact me at
– contact me via my LinkedIn profile at

I hope to have a discussion with you; I learn from everyone!

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