ActionMap Work Product Examples


Detailed Work Product Examples (Map and List)

The amount of information in the Map and List directly below would typically be captured, organized, formatted and shared in approximately three hours of online workshop time.

(This is a generalized example taken different real client engagements; examples from specific engagements are provided below. These examples have been exported to PowerPoint and Excel.)

The “List” captures goals, issues, notes and change ideas associated with the map parts. Some of these comments are highlighted in the example below.

 The above works can be applied to create shared understanding with all the stakeholders and situations shown below

 These next two images provide a brief overview of some of the features of the work products.

 An important benefit of the workshops is to bring out, capture and share stakeholders’ knowledge, interests and ideas that they may not be able to easily describe. 


Example work products from client engagements

The work product examples shown below are shared through the consent of clients.  Some of the examples are anonymized at the request of the clients.

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