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Testimonials for Jim Johnson / ActionMap

Jim was very professional and and responsive in helping us strategize how to best connect with a large network of partners in preparation for a major grant submission.

Assistant Director at the University of Texas at Dallas Center for Children and Families

Jim has been helping us translate our strategic goals into detailed action plans. Our first two ActionMap workshops, which were highly engaging and eye-opening, have given us a strong shared understanding of our current operations as the basis for growth.

Executive Director, Acterra

ActionMap work product examples

The best starting point for understanding the value of ActionMap workshops is to look at examples of the work products they produce. 
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Testimonials for Jim Johnson / ActionMap
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Jim’s ActionMap process took our start-up nonprofit and systemized it in order for our program to grow.

Executive Director, MS. President US

Jim has been a tremendous help in getting our activities organized into cohesive action plans. We are literally months further along than where we would have been without his involvement.

President, Teen Health

Jim’s ActionMap software was very useful in providing detailed structure and direction, while maintaining a fast productive pace for engagement and exchange.

Grants and Development Manager, PSE Healthy Energy

Jim’s ActionMap workshops created a basis for refining our vision and mission…we expect to use these results in explaining our work to our community members, volunteers, partners and donors.

Executive Director, Mount Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC, Pittsburgh)

ActionMap’s Value Proposition


Increase your organization’s capacity to improve people’s lives
while reducing organizational stress

■ Fast-result, affordable*, high-engagement online workshops

■ Strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action among team members

■ High quality process maps, evaluations and “start now” action plans

Strategy, Planning, Capacity Building and Team Building (and more)

Results in hours and days instead of weeks and months

*Programs that produce agreed-on “doable now” action plans for improving organizational effectiveness start at under a thousand dollars.


Accelerate Innovation