How Does ActionMap Accelerate Process Change?

The Problem:

■  Process change requires solving two problems at the same time:

    ■  How to change the physical/digital workflow, guided by stakeholder interests 

    ■  How to discover, satisfy and align those interests,which change when the workflow changes

Three Key Insights Are:

1)  Both problems need to be solved at the transaction level of detail

          ■  Workflow changes occur at the transaction level

          ■  Stakeholder interests are experienced at the transaction level

2)  The overall pattern of transactions and interests needs to be accounted for when working on the details

3)  Stakeholders possess:

         ■  the knowledge of how the process works

         ■  the ideas of how to change the process

         ■  the ability to think through all but the most technical aspects of the physical/digital workflow

Key Issues Are:

1)  Individual stakeholders often know only part of the whole process

2)  Stakeholders are often not aware of other stakeholders’ interests

3)  Stakeholders sometimes do not see how their own interests are served

The Solution:

1)  ActionMap quickly and accurately

    ■  combines process knowledge across stakeholder groups

    ■  captures and displays the transaction level of detail

and at the same time

    ■  maintains a view of the overall process 

2)  In that framework

    ■  Stakeholder knowledge, ideas and interests are rapidly and methodically captured and shared

    ■  Changes to process transactions are systematically discovered and explored

        ■  powered by stakeholder knowledge and ability and

        ■  motivated by stakeholder interests 

    ■  Stakeholders are procedurally guided to recognize, share, prioritize and align their interests with respect to those transactions and changes

3)  All of this is done on a single page layout with easy-to-follow formats and familiar controls

Once stakeholder interests are aligned around a well-understood and agreed upon transaction set, securing commitment to take action is straightforward

Accelerate Innovation