Local governments and community organizations face a common challenge in all areas of process innovation, development and improvement, including:

  • enhancing services,
  • managing costs,
  • increasing community & economic development and
  • implementing new technology.

That challenge is the extended cycles of meetings required to create strong detailed consensus among multiple stakeholder groups, including staff, business and community members.

Consensus is critical to civic innovation

Extended cycles of meetings can stifle civic innovation 

ActionMap delivers high-engagement group workshops that

Quickly Create Strong Detailed Consensus

Case Study – City of San Leandro 

The City of San Leandro was faced with a $4.3M budget shortfall.  The City enlisted a 51-member Citizen’s Task Force on Finances to work on the problem.  We were engaged to help organize the effort.  In a 12-week program, we trained Task Force members to use to the ActionMap method and apply it to seven different City departments and functions.  The Task Force produced hundreds of suggestions for improvement, which were prioritized, brainstormed and turned into an action plan.

The outcome was that the final report was accepted by the San Leandro City Council, successfully closing the budget gap.

Case Study – City of Fairfield 

The City of Fairfield had adopted policies to encourage rapid development. The cycle time for planning approvals through the Planning and Development department had increased significantly, leading to developer complaints and impacting the Public Works, Transportation, and Police and Fire departments.  We conducted a one-day session of mapping, evaluation and action planning for Planning and Development Department functions. 

The outcome was strong shared understanding among the departments of both the mechanics of the planning approval process and each other’s interests with respect to the process, along identification of and commitment to key actions to accelerate the process. 

Accelerate Innovation

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