ActionMap Consulting Support for Non-Profits

How is ActionMap Different?

ActionMap provides a fast, economical workshop-based approach to increasing the delivery of service benefits.

ActionMap workshops uncover, cross-share, organize and focus existing knowledge, resources and capabilities to support:
– Business Planning and Strategy
– Organizational Development
– Program and Service Planning
– Operations Performance Improvement
– Detailed Project Planning 

ActionMap focuses on empowering non-profit teams with:
Increased shared understanding of the work
– Alignment around organizational value delivery
– Detailed action plans for organizational development and operational improvement

ActionMap supports non-profit teams in identifying:
– where additional staff are most needed and 
– when and where to engage more specialized and/or intensive consulting services. 

Organizational performance changes when the mental models of the stakeholders change.

ActionMap focuses on changing those mental models: what do we value, what are we doing, how can we do it better.

What Services Does ActionMap Provide?

High Engagement Workshops
and Workshop-based Projects for: 

– Business Planning and Strategy
– Organizational Development
– Program and Service Planning
– Operations Performance Improvement
– Detailed Project Planning
– Software Subscriptions and Training

Strong shared understanding and alignment among stakeholders around each other’s activities, values and ideas are the foundations for all levels of:
– organizational development,
– business planning and
– operational performance improvement.

Areas for improvement and development
that ActionMap can address

Many factors can cause a non-profits’ processes, along with the heart and minds of its key stakeholders, to get out of sync.  These include:
– Changes in the overall social services environment,
– Differing attitudes of donors and volunteers, and
– Transitions in organizational life stages, such as rapid growth and new goals. 

The issues outlined below can apply to entire organizations or to specific programs and services. Not every situation will have all these issues. However, each issue can detract from service and benefit delivery.

In supporting non-profits, volunteers want to know what to do and to feel authorized to do it.

Both volunteers and donors want to know that their time and money will be put to good use.

ActionMap Workshops

Desired Outcomes

Staff, volunteers and contributors have knowledge, values and ideas that are under-expressed and thus under-utilized.

ActionMap helps to bring those thoughts to the surface, combine them, and leverage them to increase the delivery of value.

Increased structure and planning, when made visible, will attract and engage more donors and volunteers.

ActionMap creates high-impact work products that can be exported to PowerPoint and Excel for broad distribution and use in other methods.

Written, detailed and regularly reviewed action plans are critical to organizational development and increased value delivery.

ActionMap uses a proven method to systematically create these results with the highest quality in the shortest time

“Results in hours and days
instead of weeks and months”™

The best use of staff and volunteer time is in operating service delivery.

Enthusiasm and momentum for internal reviews and improvements need to be quickly converted into results.

What is the ActionMap Toolkit Software Application?

ActionMap is a SaaS application for conducting fast-paced, high value online process workshops.

Too much process mapping is boring, and too much evaluation can lead to digression and arguments.

ActionMap combines process mapping with evaluating to create both energy and engagement for the mapping and structure and focus for the evaluations.

The result is a high-engagement, high-energy, high-growth group learning experience. 

The application provides step-by-step guidance for leading a group through a compact method for process knowledge sharing, review and improvement.

What are ActionMap’s credentials?

The ActionMap method has been proven in over 100 workshops with organizations including these:

Who “are” ActionMap?

ActionMap services are delivered by Jim Johnson, Co-founder of ActionMap Inc., a small, highly virtual consultancy and software provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Jim’s career includes over 40 years of:
– IT development, management, support and sales
– Tier 1 consulting business development and account management
– IT performance management and compliance
– Professional meeting facilitation.

Jim has a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College, where he served as student body president. 

For more details about Jim see Jim’s LinkedIn profile here:

What are the unique strengths of  ActionMap?

Mapping at the “transaction level” of detail.

A major differentiating feature of ActionMap is that it diagrams processes at the “transaction level” of detail.

“Transactions” show the movement of real “stuff”: information, money, energy, goods and simple actions, from one place or entity to another.

ActionMap combines process mapping at the transaction level with capturing “Evaluations”, comments that support engagement, motivation and direction.

Capturing evaluations encourage meeting participants to express their feelings, values, interests, informed judgements and creativity, balancing the objective, analytic aspect of the maps.

Evaluations are linked to specific map parts wherever possible, which keeps them focused and actionable.

ActionMap produces work products in PowerPoint and Excel.  Combined with the “early-in-project” shared understanding and alignment among stakeholders, these results allow ActionMap to provide an “on-ramp” to more complex methods. 

Shared Knowledge Building

ActionMap accelerates the capture, development and sharing of stakeholders’ knowledge of their tasks, values, ideas and plans.

The “secret sauce” of the ActionMap method a set of proven procedures and formats to quickly, thoroughly and accurately capture personal tacit knowledge and transform it into shared explicit knowledge.

A powerful process method for small to medium sized non-profits

ActionMap addresses a large underserved market for process services needed by small and medium-sized non-profits and departments in larger organizations.

What are ActionMap Projects Like?

Typical Multi-Workshop Project Roadmap

Delivered via 2-hour online workshops with key stakeholders

Many variations in the typical roadmap can be delivered
(including “design as you go” after the initial workshops)

“Breakthrough” insights and alignment for focused problem solving and decision-making can often be achieved in one or two “map and evaluate” workshops.



Map and evaluate the current operation, and prioritize the evaluations (Evaluations = goals, issues, change ideas and notes).

Create shared understanding and alignment among stakeholders about tasks, concerns, interests and ideas

For focused problem solving and decision-making, one or two “map and evaluate” workshops may be enough.


Brainstorm how to address the high priorities, and convert the brainstorming ideas into action plans

Create commitment to take action on effective, doable action plans.

Planning may jump to detailed work in Excel or other tools depending on the results of each of the following workshops.

What if you want to acquire these capabilities
for your organization?

ActionMap Software Subscriptions and Training

    • A subscription to the ActionMap® Toolkit™ SaaS application for conducting high-impact online process workshops
    • 30 day free trial, $24/month, $49/quarter, $98/year
    • Free online training – learn the mechanics in under an hour
      (includes training in the “manual” version of the method)
    • Optional training and coaching sessions
    • Using the software in workshops
    • Applying the workshops to business development and projects

The Difference is in the Demonstration

We provide extensive descriptions of the ActionMap method and its benefits and uses, including sample engagements and detailed free training, at and

However, the key value of the ActionMap method is that it creates a unique, highly engaging learning experience. That experience can best be appreciated through a demonstration of the method on a subject that you are interested in now.


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