ActionMap Pro Bono Consulting Services

The general need that we address:

To effectively deliver on their missions, community-facing organizations must operate using “business” processes.  This includes non-profits, social entrepreneurs, local government agencies, and other community groups.

However, these organizations may not have ready access to the process-oriented methods and skills that are needed to efficiently develop and improve those processes.

These organizations can benefit from ActionMap pro bono services in many process-oriented areas, including those shown below.

We employ a unique, process-oriented method that has been used in over 100 high-engagement workshops, including with major San Francisco Bay Area organizations.

The outcomes are shorter time to benefit with reduced meeting costs and less stakeholder stress.

These workshops can cover process innovation, development and improvement in the broadest sense, as well as team building and organizational changes.

A major part of the ActionMap approach is to provide organizations with training and tools so they can produce these results for themselves.

ActionMap Pro Bono Services include:

General Operational Reviews

New, Expanded and Improved Customer Services

Major Decision Support

Team Building and Engagement

Project Support and Problem Solving

Organizational Transitions

Accelerate Innovation

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