Simple exercise for increasing process thinking capability:
1) Get out a piece of paper and pencil (or use a Note application).
2) Pick a process that you are familiar with.
3) Quickly write down the first 10 things that come to mind about the process.
4) Then go back and mark each item with:
> “A” for action, actors, activities, agents, etc. (including systems): something that happens or causes things to happen in the process, or
> “C” for comment, which is something that is a condition, quality, result evaluation and so on of the process, but not an action or actor.
5) Think about the difference between describing the process in terms of actions and actors and describing the process in terms of comments.
6) Consider how focusing the actions and actors supports analysis of the process, and how the comments drive change in the process.
7) Consider the importance of keeping the comments separate from but connected to the actions and actors.