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The Value of Process Visualization

(Comment on a LinkedIn Post 8/18/18:  https://bit.ly/2L4PbIw:

How much performance gain does process visualization can generate?)


Great question, since a lot of time and energy is spent doing this.


A major function of visualization is to support process knowledge and process thinking: learning, changing and sharing mental models of process instructions, designs, values, stakeholders and stakeholder interests.


Because most staff members primarily know only the instructions for a process, extended process knowledge and process thinking capability are critical to the success of both process management and any type of process change (per Armin’s comment).


A key value in process change is speed. Visualization can greatly accelerate both the distribution of process knowledge and the results of collaborative process thinking.


The challenge in measuring those results is to compare using visualization with not using it.


One way to experiment is to employ tools that are widely applicable, require little startup time, and are fast, effective and easy to use.


The ActionMap Toolkit is such a tool.