Quickly achieve the results needed to
make change happen: 
strong, detailed, shared
– understanding, 
– agreement and
– commitment to take action
supported by high quality
– process maps, 
– evaluations and
– action plans
ActionMap delivers these results with procedures that are:
– easy to learn, 
– fast to apply,
– widely applicable and
– highly effective
ActionMap offers training, software and services to accelerate innovation, development and improvement in jobs, processes and organizations.
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One hour to get started,
a few hours to become proficient

Why Map an Organization?

– Accelerating change in stakeholder interests
– Shortages of critical skills
– Growing employee demand for purpose
– Leaderships struggles with staff engagement
– New sources of competition and disruption
– The need for transformational IT adoption

These challenges cannot be successfully addressed with policies and adjustments alone.

They require strong, shared, detailed understanding, agreement and commitment to take action among multiple stakeholder groups.

Addressing these challenges is helped by a broad sharing of organizational process knowledge. This increases the capacity of the organization to sense change, brainstorm responses and decide on actions.

That capacity can be systematically created.

The key to doing so is to increase organizational process thinking capability, the ability of each staff member to see and understand the organization as a network of jobs and processes that deliver stakeholder value and impact stakeholder experience.

That capability can be programmatically developed and distributed throughout the organization.

That capability can then be used in organization-wide, full participation process improvement programs, in which essentially every opportunity for improvement of efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder value and experience can be surfaced, evaluated, prioritized and translated into concrete action plans.

ActionMap has extensive experience
with large-scale change initiatives

We know the complexity and challenges, and we know what methods are needed to translate them into successful outcomes. 

Where can ActionMap be applied?

ActionMap can be applied to a very wide range of situations; effectively any situation that involves process change

Why?  Because ActionMap supports people’s abilities to think about the process and how to change it, while at the same time using tried-and-true techniques for process mapping, evaluation and action planning.

The ActionMap method has been proven in hundreds of flipchart-based meetings including with HP, Chevron, Target, ConAgra, PG&E and Kaiser

It is now available as a SaaS application for $10 per user per month*

* for the software operator;  meeting attendees are free

Free training in how to use ActionMap procedures
with or without the software is available at

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