ActionMap Workshops Support
a Wide Range of Activities

We employ a unique, process-oriented method that has been used in over 100 high-engagement workshops, including with major San Francisco Bay Area organizations.

The outcomes are shorter time to benefit with reduced meeting costs and less stakeholder stress.

These workshops can cover process innovation, development and improvement in the broadest sense, as well as team building and organizational changes.

ActionMap workshops can be used for:

General Operational Reviews

  • Improve process efficiency
  • Increase service effectiveness
  • Enhance staff and client satisfacation

New, Expanded and Improved Customer Services

  • Refresh and refine understanding of client needs and interests by modeling client experience
  • Brainstorm ideas for meeting those needs and interests
  • Design new services and changes to existing services
  • Create strong detailed consensus on implementing the changes

Major Decision Support

  • Understand the full scope of activities affected by major decisions
  • Quickly gather and combine the views and interests of the stakeholder affected by the decision
  • Brainstorm, prioritize and evaluate alternatives in the decision-making
  • Develop strong, detailed consensus on the chosen alternative
  • Create detailed action plans to move forward with the decision

Team Building and Engagement

  • Create connectedness by having staff work together on process improvements
  • Share and combine knowledge of staff member’s activities
  • Develop awareness and understanding of each other’s capabilities and interests

Project Support and Problem Solving

  • Design, review and refine project plans
  • Create team alignment at project launch
  • Quickly analyze complex issues and find effective solutions at “stuck” points

Organizational Transitions

  • Update mission statements
  • Analyze and design team structures
  • Review and update staffing assignments and job descriptions


Accelerate Innovation

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