Workshop programs follow a flexible, compact improvement cycle.
The Map and Evaluate stages by themselves produce major results. 

Detailed Work Product Examples:
Process & Program Documentation, Evaluations and Improvement Action Plans

The amount of information in the documents below would typically be captured, organized, formatted, and shared in three to five hours of online workshop time over a few days.

(This is a generalized example taken from different real client engagements; examples from specific engagements are provided below. These examples have been exported to PowerPoint and Excel.)

(Please visit our home page, here, to learn about the meetings in which these work products are produced.)


The “Map” captures the objective information about the activity being looked at. All maps use a standard, fast-to-create and easy-to-follow format, described in the image below


The “List” captures goals, issues, change ideas and notes associated with the map parts, and is formatted for immediate use as an action plan.  Some of these comments are highlighted in the example below.

Evaluations and Notes
are associated with specific map parts
to maintain focus and concreteness

ActionMap workshops create a broad range of values for stakeholder groups

A major goal of ActionMap workshops is to turn personal performance understanding into shared descriptive understanding

The combination of Map, List and “Main Cycle” Stages creates a unique and powerful individual and group learning experience