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Better Faster Shared Understanding

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The ActionMap(R) Toolkit(TM) is a SaaS application that rapidly creates strong, detailed shared understanding of complex situations in online or in-person meetings

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If you are extending a no-credit-card free trial subscription, please use the exact email address that you used in that subscription, in order to ensure that your data is transferred properly.

No charges until after the free trial.
You will receive an email a few days in advance of billing.
Please note that after the free trial all payments are final.

You can change subscription period between monthly, quarterly and annual at any time, though without proration.

All subscription changes restart the free trial for that subscription period, and billing changes take effect after the free trial.

Based on this we recommend making subscription period changes when you receive your billing reminder email.

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Email notifications and subscription changes
You will receive notification prior to your free trial ending, with links for how to extend your free trial with a credit card.

Subscription License Agreement:
This subscription grants one person ("Subscriber") the right to use one unshared set of login credentials for accessing and using the ActionMap Toolkit SaaS application, Basic level subscription, one active browser session at a time, according to the ActionMap Terms of Service and Privacy Policy plus the conditions described on the subscription application form. The Subscriber is the primary user of the email account entered in the subscriber information section of that form.

Please note:

Chrome browser
The current version of the application requires the Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop with Windows 7+ or Mac OS (not phones or tablets).

The email address you submit will become your login id
Our current subscription system allows only one subscription per email address. You can use the same email address for changing the subscription period.

Only Latin (Western) alphabet characters are currently accepted for subscriptions
Both this subscription form and the data input fields in the software application are currently limited to Latin (Western) alphabet characters. If non-Latin characters are used on this subscription form the subscription will be cancelled and you will be notified. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and plan to accommodate more universal character sets in the future.

ActionMap also offers facilitated workshops, projects and training based on the ActionMap Toolkit software application

For more information please reach out to us at our Contact page.