ActionMap Job Maps

This page shows examples of the ActionMap Job Map format. 

These maps are:
– translated from publicly available job description templates and postings (4), or 
– developed from our general business knowledge (2) and
– created in the ActionMap Toolkit software application and downloaded in PowerPoint and
– accompanied by the worksheets that are associated with the maps, that are  downloaded in Excel and then edited.

The maps can be used to accelerate detailed individual and shared understanding of jobs and processes, for many purposes, including:

– job satisfaction
– professional development
– recruiting
– onboarding
– orientation
– training
– coaching
– collaboration
– teambuilding
– continuous improvement
– knowledge preservation during employee transitions.

The worksheets can be used to support the above activities as well as for other purposes, including: 
– activity-based costing
– risk management
– work force planning
– IT requirements capture
– organizational transformation.


ActionMap job maps can be quickly created using the ActionMap Toolkit software application, described in a three-minute video at

Free training for creating job maps in other media including pencil and paper and PowerPoint and Excel can be found at

Or sign up for a free trial and let the software both accelerate the mapping and teach you the method for use in other media.
(Plenty of time to accomplish that in the free trial!)

Please click on the titles or thumbnails below to see the example job maps.