ActionMap® Toolkit™
Software Training and Application Coaching Services Agreement

The parties to this agreement are:

Company Name:  ActionMap Inc., a California Corporation (“Consultant”)
Company Address: Sausalito, California

Client Name: (As signed up on Consultant’s calendaring system) (“Client’)
Client Email Address: (As signed up on Consultant’s calendaring system)


This agreement covers online and/or in-person training and coaching services delivered by Consultant to Client.  These services are primarily delivered through Training and Coaching Sessions that are scheduled via Consultant’s calendaring system, hosted at

Statement of Work

Project Objectives and Deliverables

Software training and coaching:  See

Any tangible Deliverables will be considered by the parties to be “work for hire” by the Consultant for the Client.


The services will be completed within 60 days of the original scheduling of a Training/Coaching Session date by Client (or by Consultant in agreement with Client) unless agreed to otherwise in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Price and Payment

As agreed to via email communication between the Parties. 

Terms and Conditions 


The parties agree to treat each other’s confidential information with the same care as they treat their own.  Specific designations of confidential information may be made as needed via email communication during the project. 

Intellectual Property 

No intellectual properties (i.e. copyrighted material, patents, trade secrets, etc.) are expected to be created by Consultant for Client during this project. If any of Consultant’s intellectual property is included in the Deliverables (i.e. templates, formats, images) then Consultant grants Client a non-exclusive, unlimited worldwide license to use that intellectual property, with the provision that Consultant’s copyright notices will be preserved in such use by Client. 

 Independent Contractor

The parties agree that that Consultant is an independent contractor for purpose of employment regulations.

 Liability and Indemnification

The parties agree to not hold the other party or the other party’s associates liable in any way for any damages that might arise through the performance of the project.  The parties agree to indemnify each other and each other’s associates from any claims made by any other party that might arise through the performance of the project.

Modification and Termination

This agreement can be modified by either party at any time by mutual verbal agreement with follow up email confirmation.

Either party may withdraw from the agreement at any time upon written email notice.

Governing Law 

This performance of the project will be governed by laws of the State of California, USA.

Acceptance of Agreement

This Agreement is held to be accepted by both Parties upon Client scheduling a Training and Coaching Session with Consultant, or Consultant completing that scheduling with Client’s agreement.