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Better Faster
Process Change

  •    Increased Capability
  •    Faster Projects

  •    Greater Benefits

Results in Hours and Days
Instead of Weeks and Months

What is the
basic idea?

What is the
big picture?

How does
it work?

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The Basic Idea

ActionMap accelerates
process change by 

accelerating the collaboration

required for process change

Better faster process collaboration 

produces better faster results in a wide range of activities including:



Problem Solving

Decision Making







The key to collaborative process change

In order to change any process…

… you have to change 

the knowledge that

the process depends on

ActionMap accelerates 
process change by 

systematically focusing 
on helping people

 exchange and develop 

their process knowledge:

what they know, think and

feel about the process

Exchange and development

of process knowledge

is critical path to success

Goal: Close a complex business sale

Activity: Change the customer’s business process

Requirement: Exchange and develop customer’s and provider’s knowledge of the process and solution

Goal: Increase cost effectiveness

Activity: Improve process operations

Requirement: Exchange and develop stakeholder knowledge of the current operating process

Goal: Develop a software application

Activity: Create a technical process that supports a user process

Requirement: Exchange and develop users’ and developers’ knowledge of the process and application

Goal: Improve compliance

Activity: Change operating processes and their associated compliance procedures

Requirement: Exchange and develop managers’ and compliance staff’s knowledge of the operating processes and compliance procedures

The ActionMap method has been proven 

in hundreds of engagements. 

It can be applied

in a wide range of applications

that are all critically dependent on 
process knowledge exchange

and development 

What are your current
methods for achieving

better faster 

process change?

ActionMap’s Goal

Results in Hours and Days
Instead of Weeks and Months

ActionMap Inc delivers
projects, facilitation, training and software
based on the ActionMap® Toolkit™

Extensive experience with
large-scale change initiatives

For more information contact:

What is the
big picture?

How does

it work?

Where do I
sign up?

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