Rapidly Create

Maps to Action

ActionMap increases your organization’s capacity to create value and improve lives

■ ActionMap delivers fast-result, high-engagement, high-impact online workshops

■ Rapidly achieve strong shared understanding, agreement, and commitment to take action among team members and stakeholders

■ Quickly create high-quality process models and evaluations for operations and programs, along with “start now” action plans for Strategy, Planning, Capacity Building, and Team Building (and more)

“Results in hours and days
instead of weeks and months”


Who has used ActionMap?

The ActionMap® Toolkit™ method has been used in over 100 engagements, with organizations including these:

What has ActionMap been used for?

The ActionMap® Toolkit™ method has been used for many purposes, including those shown here:

A few of the testimonials for ActionMap

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Jim’s ActionMap software was very useful in providing detailed structure and direction while maintaining a fast productive pace for engagement and exchange. Participants contributed in meaningful ways to capture process maps, process evaluations, and prioritized action plans. Jim’s support has made a significant contribution to our strategic planning initiative!

Grants and Development Manager, PSE Healthy Energy

Jim has been helping us translate our strategic goals into detailed action plans.  Jim’s ActionMap workshops are highly engaging and eye-opening, and have given us a strong shared understanding of our current operations as the basis for growth.

Executive Director, Acterra

ActionMap fills a gap in organizations’ needs
for process and collaboration methods

Jim has been a tremendous help in getting our activities organized into cohesive action plans. We are literally months further along than where we would have been without his involvement.

President, Teen Health US

Jim structured and facilitated our conversations and then provided a step-by-step procedure for turning our strategy approach into a roadmap and plan.

Executive Director, Abound Food Care

Explanation of Work Products from ActionMap Workshops
(2:44 Video)

ActionMap work product examples

The best starting point for understanding the value of ActionMap workshops is to look at examples of the work products they produce. 

For higher resolution on the images below please see actionmap.com/examples

Who delivers ActionMap workshops and training?

ActionMap services are delivered by Jim Johnson, co-founder of ActionMap Inc., a consultancy and software provider based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

Jim’s career includes over 40 years of:
❑ IT development, management, support and sales
❑ Tier 1 consulting business development and account management
❑ IT performance management and compliance
❑ Professional meeting facilitation.

Jim has a B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College.

For more information about Jim see his LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimjohnson
and see the “Company Info” item on the main menu above.