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Better Faster Process Change

Results in Hours and Days Instead of Weeks and Months

What is the
basic idea?

What is the
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How does
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The Basic Idea

“Process Change” = any intentional, constructive change  
in process workflow, stakeholders, resources or performance

ActionMap accelerates
process change by 

accelerating the collaboration

required for process change

A major benefit of accelerating collaboration is to

reduce the number of meetings

required to achieve collaboration results. 

This by itself produces:

ActionMap accelerates collaboration by  

rapidly and systematically creating

the sought-after results of collaboration: 

strong shared understanding,

agreement and commitment

to take action

supported by high quality

process maps,

evaluations and action plans

If you can achieve these results in one meeting,

why have two, three or more meeting to do the same?

How Is ActionMap Different?

ActionMap fills a gap

between “easy and not effective”

and “effective but hard to use”.

ActionMap strengthens

general collaboration tools

and adds flexibility

to more complex methods

Where do your current process change methods fit in this pyramid?

ActionMap achieves these qualities

by relying on people’s existing abilities

and “just in time” instructions 

How are you accomplishing these results now?

ActionMap methods are organized around three basic facts:

1) Process operations depend on process knowledgethat is, stakeholders’ know-how, 

values and interests. 

If the process knowledge

goes away, the process

soon stops operating

2) Process change depends on process knowledge change,
the exchange and
development of know-how, 

values and interests.

If the process knowledge 

does not change, then intentional, constructive 

process change will not happen 

3) In a large percentage of process change situations, when sufficient process knowledge is exchanged and developed, motivation becomes clear and plans become obvious (including “do nothing” and

“do more analysis and design”)

Guided by these facts, ActionMap focuses on delivering

specific procedures and formats that support the 

exchange and development of process knowledge

Who in your organization today is focused on enhancing

the exchange and development of process knowledge?

Better Faster Process Change

contributes to better faster results in a wide range of activities including:



Problem Solving

Decision Making







Where would you like to see better faster process change?

ActionMap is also a powerful addition to

individual process thinking capabilities

Capabilities that can be used to

Prepare for meetings

Learn people’s interests

Discover opportunites

Review operations

Analyze alternatives

Research competitors

Coach staff members

Design training

Develop new skills

Where in your organization can

stronger process thinking capabilities

make a difference?

What can you accomplish if

EVERYONE in your organization

has stronger process thinking capabilities?

The ActionMap method has been proven in 

hundreds of engagements

in its original flipchart/whiteboard format 

ActionMap can be applied

in a wide range of applications

that are all critically dependent on 
process knowledge exchange

and development 

What are your

current goals for 

better faster 

process change?

ActionMap’s Goal

Results in Hours and Days
Instead of Weeks and Months

ActionMap Inc delivers
projects, facilitation, training and software
based on the ActionMap® Toolkit™

Extensive experience with
large-scale change initiatives

For more information contact:

What is the
big picture?

How does

it work?

Where do I
sign up?

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