Map that Job ™
Increase Satisfaction
and Engagement
Overcome Delays
& Reduce Risk
Reduce Meeting Time
with Better Results
Better Faster
Process Change
Re-engineering &
Cultural Transform
Accelerate the Required
Business / IT
Broaden Alignment Communications
Solutions Selling
Short, Wider
Sales Funnels
Quickly achieve the results needed to
make change happen: 
strong, detailed, shared
– understanding, 
– agreement and
– commitment to take action
supported by high quality
– process maps, 
– evaluations and
– action plans
ActionMap delivers these results with procedures that are:
– easy to learn, 
– fast to apply,
– widely applicable and
– highly effective
ActionMap offers training, software and services to accelerate innovation, development and improvement in jobs, processes and organizations
Free training at
One hour to get started,
a few hours to become proficient

Where can ActionMap be applied?

ActionMap can be applied to a very wide range of situations; effectively any situation that involves process change

Why?  Because ActionMap supports people’s abilities to think about the process and how to change it, while at the same time using tried-and-true techniques for process mapping, evaluation and action planning.

The ActionMap method has been proven in hundreds of flipchart-based meetings including with HP, Chevron, Target, ConAgra, PG&E and Kaiser

It is now available as a SaaS application for $10 per user per month*

* for the software operator;  meeting attendees are free

Free training in how to use ActionMap procedures
with or without the software is available at

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