ActionMap Accelerates Process Collaboration

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“Map Your Job!”

Quickly find “do-able” action items to improve your job search or current job situation, using only pencil and paper and what you already know (100% free, no software required!Eye opening results in as little as one hour. Teaches you a method that can be used to improve ANY job, task, activity or process, using white boards, flip charts or office automation tools, starting with YOUR JOB.

ActionMap Toolkit 
SaaS application
Better Faster
Process Collaboration
in online meetings

The ActionMap Toolkit delivers high-energy, high-value online process modeling, evaluation and planning workshops with virtually no start up time. The software also provides extensive training and automation for Map Your Job! (Learn with a free trial!)


Consultant / Coach 
Revenue Accelerator

A fixed-price package of subscription, training and coaching for independent and small consultancies, focused on applying the method to a real client, then gaining more clients and increasing revenue.  Click above for a special limited time offer.

Small Business

Fast operational reviews for reducing costs, increasing productivity, solving problems and enhancing the value of the business 

and Training

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ActionMap Accelerates Organizational, Business
and Technology Problem Solving

by Accelerating the Shared Understanding
Required for Collaborative Action

ActionMap’s Goal:
Understanding, agreement and commitment
in hours instead of weeks


ActionMap Rapidly and Reliably
Creates Strong Shared Understanding
of Stakeholders’ Tasks, Values, Ideas and Plans

What is the VALUE of strong shared understanding of tasks, values, ideas and plans?

What is the COST of NOT HAVING strong shared understanding when it is needed?

How much TIME is required to create strong shared understanding using conventional meetings?

What is the value in terms of earlier project benefits from achieving strong shared understanding in hours instead of weeks and months?


The ActionMap Toolkit: 
 Process Problem Solving Workshop In-A-Box

ActionMap delivers value through a
“Process Problem Solving Workshop In-A-Box”
software application called
the ActionMap Toolkit

ActionMap helps clients rapidly:

  • Capture and share group members’ knowledge, values and ideas;
  • Focus that shared knowledge on immediately doable improvement actions; and
  • Create direct progress toward organizational performance goals.

The ActionMap method has been proven in over 100 workshops with organizations including these:


Immediate Benefits

In addition to creating a basis for long term performance improvement, increased shared understanding can be used to produce immediate benefits in:

  • solving stubborn problems,
  • identifying quick-win opportunities for improvement, and
  • creating strong consensus for action.

Accelerated collaboration results reduce meetings, which can save thousands of dollars in meeting time, and accelerates project benefits, which can add tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to project ROI.

ActionMap software supports online or in-person workshops with full step-by-step guidance

In addition to collaboration results, these workshops produce high quality, analytic work products that can be carried forward into more formal methods including project management, systems development and quality assurance.

ActionMap Supports Problem Solving of Medium Complexity

ActionMap fills a gap between methods are are effective but difficult to apply and methods that easy to apply but not effective.

The ActionMap method has been applied to a wide range of business, organizational and technology situations.


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We provide extensive descriptions of the ActionMap method and its benefits and uses, including sample engagements and detailed free training, at and

However, the key value of the ActionMap method is that it creates a unique, highly engaging learning experience. That experience can best be appreciated through a demonstration of the method on a subject that you are interested in now.

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