Quickly Create Strong Detailed Consensus

Delivered: over one hundred high-engagement workshops including with:

Our ideal client’s story

“We are responsible for a complex change situation involving multiple groups.

  • We are determined to work together to create a great result for our community and stakeholders.
  • We believe we have the knowledge and skills to start this on the right path and see it through to completion.
  • However, we are being slowed by differences in knowledge, values and priorities.”

“We need to quickly reach a strong detailed consensus.”

We need a

Consensus Catalyst

Free online training for building consensus

60 minutes with pencil and paper gives you the basic skill

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(An overview of the method is provided below)

ActionMap delivers high-engagement workshops 

that quickly create strong detailed consensus in the form of:

  • Shared Understanding

by capturing and showing each person’s knowledge of the activity on

that are high quality models that show the cause and effect relationships of the activity.

  • Agreement about Interests

by capturing and showing each person’s 

that are expressions of people’s interests, values and ideas with respect to the parts of the Map.

  • Commitment to Take Action

by brainstorming, prioritizing and assigning 

that bring the group together in moving forward with the project.

ActionMap group sessions are delivered using an online application that accelerates information capture.  This further reduces meeting time while  increasing the pace, energy and scope of the work sessions

In addition, ActionMap software and training can support the rapid distribution of process improvement and consensus building capabilities across an entire organization

Consensus Catalyst

Jim Johnson, ActionMap co-founder and principal consultant, brings over 30 years of experience to accelerating process change in business and technology, along with hundreds of experiences in leading high energy group meetings.

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Access to free online training for building consensus

60 minutes with pencil and paper gives you the basic skill

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