Better Faster Process Change

Software for Accelerating
Collaborative Process Change
Results in Hours and Days Instead of Weeks and Months

Reduce the number of meetings

needed for process change

by accelerating the collaboration

required for process change

Collaborative process change

is a critical strategic capability


ActionMap’s goal is to help you

quickly, significantly and permanently

increase that capability

More detail below


The design of the method is to

✔ focus on stakeholders’ knowledge, interests and ideas

supported by: 

✔ simple, effective process maps

✔ focused, guided discussion

✔ a compact, step-by-step improvement cycle

The method has been proven in hundreds of flipchart-based meetings including with HP, Chevron, Target, ConAgra, PG&E and Kaiser

It is now available as a SaaS application for $10 per month

How It Works

The Problem:

■  Process change requires solving two problems at the same time:

    ■  How to change the physical/digital workflow 

    ■  How to align, reconcile and satisfy stakeholder interests with respect to that work flow

Three Key Insights Are:

1)  Both problems need to be solved at the transaction level of detail

          ■  Workflow changes occur at the transaction level

          ■  Stakeholder interests are experienced at the transaction level

2)  The overall pattern of transactions and interests needs to be accounted for when working on the details

3)  Stakeholders possess:

         ■  the knowledge of how the process works

         ■  the ideas of how to change the process

         ■  the ability to think through all but the most technical aspects of the physical workflow

The Solution:

1)  ActionMap

    ✔ quickly captures and displays the transaction level of detail 

and at the same time

    ✔ maintains a view of the overall process 

2)  In that framework

    ✔ Stakeholder knowledge, ideas and interests are rapidly and methodically captured and shared

    ✔ Changes to process transactions are systematically discovered and explored

       ✔ powered by stakeholder knowledge and ability and

       ✔ motivated by stakeholder interests 

    ✔ Stakeholders are procedurally guided to recognize, share, prioritize and align their interests with respect to those transactions and changes

Once stakeholder interests are aligned around a well-understood and agreed upon transaction set, securing commitment to take action is straightforward

Major Values

✔ Strengthen process capabilities for individuals and teams 

✔ Conduct high impact group meetings online and in person

✔ Engage staff, customers, suppliers and the community
in accelerating process development and improvement

Easy and Effective 

Step-by-step guided procedures for capturing:

✔ “no drawing” process maps

✔ specifically focused evaluations

✔ priority-oriented brainstorming ideas

✔ commitments to agreed-on action plans 

Fast Startup

✔ Start using the application on individual work immediately

✔ Gain confidence in using the method with one hour of self-training

✔ Begin using the method with familiar groups within a day

Highly Versatile

✔ Can be used for anything that might be considered a process

✔ Apply the method as an agenda item within standard meetings and e-meetings 

✔ No advanced knowledge of the meeting content is required for the method operator

✔ Begin operating the method in meetings with five minutes introduction to participants

Fast Results

✔ Directly, deliberately and systematically focus on rapidly creating strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action, which are the key results of collaboration

✔ Download information captured during the meeting to PowerPoint and Excel right after the meeting

Extend Capabilities

✔ Strengthen standard meeting methods

✔ Add flexibility to complex process methods

✔ Use the method in multiple meetings and with sub-groups to quickly cover large activity areas


You’re in Charge

✔ No required installation, no rollout program, no extended training, no long-term commitment

✔ Achieve standalone values in each meeting where the method is used: reduce meeting costs and achieve faster process change benefits

✔ After you learn the method you can use it in other media: paper, flipcharts, whiteboards, and drawing and spreadsheet applications.

The Basic Idea

“Process Change” = any intentional, constructive change  
in process workflow, stakeholders, resources or performance

ActionMap accelerates
process change by 

accelerating the collaboration

required for process change

A major benefit of accelerating collaboration is to

reduce the number of meetings

required to achieve collaboration results. 

This by itself produces:

ActionMap accelerates collaboration by  

rapidly and systematically creating

the sought-after results of collaboration: 

strong shared understanding,

agreement and commitment

to take action

supported by high quality

process maps,

evaluations and action plans

If you can achieve these results in one meeting,

why have two, three or more meetings to do the same?

How Is ActionMap Different?

ActionMap fills a gap

between “easy and not effective”

and “effective but hard to use”



ActionMap strengthens

general collaboration tools

and adds flexibility

to more complex methods

Where would you place 

your current process change methods

in this pyramid?

ActionMap achieves these qualities

by relying on people’s existing abilities

and “just in time” instructions 

How are you accomplishing these results now?

The ActionMap® Toolkit™

application is an online

meeting tool that uses

a single page layout.

It has easy-to-follow formats

 and familiar controls

The List is like a structured discussion, reducing the need for facilitation skills


The Maps are automatically generated from the List, reducing the need for graphic skills

An “automated facilitator” drives the method steps, 

reducing the need for methods training

Sessions can be started with only a few minutes of introduction,

no training for the participants, and no prior knowledge of the content

by the session operator

How flexible are the process change methods

used by your organization?

The ActionMap method has been proven in 

hundreds of engagements

in its original flipchart/whiteboard format 

ActionMap can be applied

in a wide range of applications

that are all critically dependent on 
collaborative in process change 

The bottom line is:

Each ActionMap session can save you

one or more follow-on meetings

Each reduced meeting can

 save you hundreds of dollars 

in staff time and potentially

gain you thousands of hours

of increased customer success  

through accelerated process benefits

What are your

current goals for 

better faster 

process change?

ActionMap’s Goal

Results in Hours and Days
Instead of Weeks and Months

ActionMap Inc delivers

projects, facilitation, training and software

based on the ActionMap® Toolkit

Extensive experience with

large-scale change initiatives

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