ActionMap® Toolkit™
Coaching and Consulting Support
Training, Software and Delivery

Empowering You to Empower Your Clients

High-engagement work sessions
for quickly discovering, organizing and sharing
knowledge, values and action plans 

ActionMap combines network thinking with emotional intelligence to guide your clients in rapidly finding concrete action items that are organized into holistic strategies.

You add your knowledge and skills to support your clients in refining and implementing those actions and strategies.


Accelerate, Increase, and Broaden Client Value Delivery

 Jim Johnson, Owner and Principal Consultant, ActionMap Inc.

  • Speed up relationship development and project launch
  • Extend engagement scope and duration
  • Expand service offerings and market reach

Delivery, software, and training
for fast-result, high-engagement workshops
supporting strategy, effectiveness,
team building, and more

“Results in hours and days
instead of weeks and months”

The ActionMap® Toolkit™ method has been used in over 100 engagements, with organizations including these:

ActionMap’s Core Value Proposition for Coaches and Consultants

ActionMap workshops quickly provide your clients and client’s teams with:
– a strong shared understanding of their personal and organization’s activities,
– along with discovering and the client’s and their stakeholders’ goals, issues, and ideas,
– in a compact method focused on creating concrete action plans.

This rapidly and reliably creates a strong foundation for coaches and consultants to:
– apply their subject matter expertise and specialized skill sets to clients’ high-priority needs and interests,
– accelerate client value delivery and
– strengthen the client relationship.

We deliver the workshops with you and/or provide you with the software and training for you to deliver the workshops.