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ActionMap(R) Toolkit(TM)

software application

The ActionMap Toolkit is a SaaS application that supports
better faster process change in online group meetings

Faster shared understanding => reduced number of meetings => faster implementations of process change
 => potentially thousands of dollars of benefit for each use of the application

Increased capability within a few hours of self-training

Subscription Options


$49 per month
14-day free trial


$111 per quarter
($37.00 / month)
14-day free trial


$299 per year
(a little under
$25.00 / month)
(save close to 50%)
14-day free trial

Please note that after the free trial all payments are final

Additional available services based on the ActionMap method
include facilitated sessions, projects and training.

For more information please reach out to us at our Contact page.

Free online training for building consensus
and accelerating innovation

No subscription required

60 minutes with pencil and paper gives you the basic skill

For a limited time the free training is available without registration at thls link

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