How does  ActionMap
the facilitation 
of process change meetings?

The Toolkit has been iteratively designed to strongly support

meeting facilitation including in the following ways:

Provides a well-defined set of activities that are engaging, flexible and easy to perform for conducting a complete process change session, from “why are we here?” to “this is what we have agreed to do going forward”.


Uses familiar online discussion techniques in a structured way to record every fact, evaluation, comment or idea that the group has to offer.

Provides a visual graphic focus for group attention in the form of easy-to-follow process maps that are automatically generated from the discussion.


Clearly separates objective information from subjective information (mutually agreed facts versus interests, values, feelings, assessments and opinions).


Gathers the objective information in a natural learning sequence from high level overview to concrete detail.



Encourages full expression of the subjective information.

Grounds the subjective information by connecting it to the objective information (every “evaluation” is connected to something on a process map).


Uses specific prioritizing steps to sort out the actionable information, and uses the resulting priorities to drive toward clearly specified action items.


Clearly separates more controllable activities from less uncontrollable activities, which increases the group focus on moving toward effective action.


Builds commitment to take action based on:

⇨ strong shared understanding via the process maps

⇨ alignment of interests via the prioritized evaluations

⇨ a clear sense of what to do and why it will be effective via the action plans

⇨ empowerment in contributing to the discussion, transparency in the operation of the procedures and neutrality in the overall method

⇨ connectedness from having done productive work together


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