Slide Shows – Table of Contents

ActionMap – Map That Job!

Slide Count – XXXX  

Content – Detailed instructions for understanding, evaluating and improving individual jobs. Includes basic training in how to use the ActionMap Toolkit more broadly.

ActionMap Accelerates Business Launches

Time – 1:17   

Content – Rapid development of the many processes startups need for launch

ActionMap Accelerates Civic Process Change

Time – 1:28  

Content – How ActionMap can accelerate civic process change

ActionMap Support for Pro Bono Consulting

Time – 1:28   

Content – Using ActionMap for helping non-profits and civic organizations

ActionMap in a Nutshell

Time – 1:09   

Content – A brief overview of the ActionMap method


ActionMap Introduction

Time –  1:49

Content – Quick Overview and Value Proposition

“How It Works” – How ActionMap Accelerates Process Change

Time –  3:43

Content – How ActionMap Accelerates Process Change.  Describes how we think the method produces the “people” results.  Overlaps with the Introduction with more detail.

ActionMap Toolkit Overview and Demonstration

Time –  8:04

Content – Short functional overview plus about a six minute demo of the software in operation.  This will give you some of the Overview if you want to check out the Introduction and “How It Works” video later.

“Just the Demo” Video

Time –  6:54

Content – Same as the “Overview and Demonstration” without the Overview.  This is useful if you have seen the Introduction or “How It Works” video, or if you would just like to see how the software operates.





ActionMap Accelerates Civic Process Change

ActionMap in a Nutshell

ActionMap Introduction – Overview and Value Proposition

How It Works to Accelerate Process Change

Overview and Demonstration

“Just the Demonstration”


Accelerate Innovation