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Increased delivery of value to social impact communities
through fast-paced, high-impact, low-overhead
online process workshops

An Opportunity to Deliver More Value

Social impact organizations can significantly increase their delivery of value to their communities through the use of process-oriented methods and services.

This includes non-profits, social entrepreneurs, local government agencies, and other community groups.

However, these organizations often do not have ready access to these capabilities, and so are not able to increase their impact in this way.

The Solution

ActionMap is offering services that are a proven, effective way to help close this gap.

The solution is a software-based method for delivering high-engagement, high-impact online workshops that can greatly accelerate:
– strategy and business plans,
– project and program launches,
– problem-solving and decision-making, and
– general process improvement and teambuilding.

Credentials and Results

The ActionMap method has been used in over 100 flipchart-based meetings with organizations including these, covering a wide range of topics.

Strong knowledge sharing, planning and decision-making results have been regularly achieved in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

Now Faster with Broader Reach

The ActionMap method has now been embedded in software for conducting online meetings that are even more effective, while being much more scalable and broadly distributable.

Since ActionMap has delivered 12 of these online workshops to five non-profit organizations, and received strong positive testimonials, including those on this page.

The core value of these workshops is to:

– create strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action among the organization’s stakeholders,
– supported by high quality process maps, evaluations and action plans that are immediately distributed in PowerPoint and Excel.

These results can be accomplished in four to six hours of online meeting time, divided into 2-hour workshops.

The workshops require little preparation or administrative overheadd beyond scheduling the meetings.

The workshops provides a standalone value, with no obligations or dependencies when the workshops are completed.

Programs to deliver these capabilities at scale

ActionMap currently has the capability to partner with social impact support organizations such as accelerators, incubators and consultancies in programs to deliver these tools and services in substantial volumes.

To learn more

To learn more about how these services can increase your ability to deliver social impact, please a schedule a conversation at this page.

Jim Johnson, ActionMap co-founder and principal consultant, brings over 30 years of experience to accelerating process change in organizations, business and technology, along with hundreds of experiences in leading high energy group meetings.

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