Unique Strengths of the ActionMap DIagram Format

Specific strengths of the format itself, compared to other formats

  • Higher information density
  • Clearer organization
  • Clearer, more compact overview
  • Smaller level of detail (individual transactions)
  • Linear “stories” per major interaction area
  • Describable in simple sentences (“This stuff goes from here to there.”)
  • Sense-based detail
  • Measurable detail (count, frequency, volume etc.)
  • Objectively verifiable detail
  • Highly qualifiable detail (e.g. color, shape, size, etc.)
  • Supports immediate prompting for subjective evaluations and interests


Strengths within the ActionMap framework

  • Directly exportable to Excel for detailed quantification, qualification, information extension and analysis
  • Focus on transforming personal behavioral knowledge to shared descriptive knowledge
  • Provides focus and structure to group communication


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