Small business owners

Are you looking to:
– revitalize your operations,
– increase your business performance,
– start a new product or service offering?

ActionMap can help you quickly:
– Review your operations for improvement opportunities.
– Discover solutions to business problems.
– Identify where you need specialized expert assistance.
– Create business models for new business plans, products and services.
– Engage your employees in contributing to business improvement.
– Start developing continuous process improvement capabilities.

ActionMap consulting focuses on high-energy workshops that rapidly:
– Map out the major activities of your business.
– Capture goals, issues and ideas for where the business can be improved.
– Brainstorm solutions for making the improvements.
– Identify specific action items to implement the solutions.

ActionMap workshops are delivered online for flexible delivery.
– Workshops can be held in as little as one-hour segments. 
– In many cases full mapping, evaluation and planning cycles can be completed within a few hours.
– Workshop results are delivered in Powerpoint and Excel immediately after the meetings.

Picture the details of your business in the diagram format below

Operate a Pizza Parlor

ActionMap has delivered over 100 of these workshops
including with the organizations shown here:

With our new software, we are able to extend these workshops economically to small businesses across a broad range of industries and geographies.

Workshops have covered a wide range of situations, including those shown below:

ActionMap Method Quick View

The key to the ActionMap method is the ability to quickly capture business process information at the major transaction level….

…while also capturing stakeholders concerns, ideas and interests with respect to those transactions…

…which creates understanding, energy and engagement used in a compact improvement cycle, creating strong consensus on detailed action items.

The resulting maps, evaluations and action plans can be applied to any of uses described above.

Action Mapper

Jim Johnson, ActionMap co-founder and principal consultant, brings over 30 years of experience to accelerating process change in business and technology, along with hundreds of experiences in leading high energy group meetings.

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