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Business Expansion Strategy Project

Jim worked with us on developing our business expansion strategy.  Our organization provides services in a complex food recovery and distribution network that involves many different entities. The initial online ActionMap workshops, which were highly energizing, gave us a clear overview of what we are currently doing. 

With that understanding, we identified three major strategic alternatives and sorted them down to one. Jim structured and facilitated those conversations then provided a step-by-step procedure for turning that strategy approach into a roadmap and plan which led to a projected budget that would extend over several years.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jim and his support has greatly accelerated our efforts in developing an effective strategy for extending our mission to multiple regions throughout the U.S.

 Mike Learakos, Executive Director, Waste Not OC

Rachel Otair, Program Manager, Waste Not OC


ActionMap techniques “played a key role in meeting aggressive schedules in a major marketing and sales development program aimed at a $30 million annual benefit” at Hunt-Wesson.

Bruce Bayless, VP Customer Marketing, Hunt-Wesson

CRM Project Launch Workshop

We made a decision to integrate our major CRM functions around a central platform, including marketing, sales, customer support, billing and registration.  I met Jim through a LinkedIn conversation and we agreed to do an ActionMap workshop prior to our formal project launch, with managers from those different functional areas. The two-hour workshop captured all of the major interactions between the different external entities, functional areas and other systems in our value network, along with many goals, issues and ideas to be addressed in ongoing work. The workshop was very useful in both cross-sharing knowledge among the managers of our different areas and outlining the work needed for the formal integration project.

 Chris Taylor, CEO, Actionable.io

Business Expansion Strategy Project

After several years of stable, gradually expanding operations, our Board of Directors asked us to develop an expansion strategy.  We engaged Jim through Taproot.  Jim recommended that we start our strategy effort by modeling our current operations. An online ActionMap workshop, with our core team members participating, provided a very clear view of our current activities, capacities, needs and challenges. 

From that we looked at several paths for growth, leading to a set of stages that we needed to accomplish.  Jim provided a step-by-step outline for turning those stages into a detailed expansion plan, which could also be used as the basis for a presentation to our Board.  Jim provided both energizing guidance and serious thought partnering throughout this effort. His contribution has been a real boon to our overall mission.

Barb Thayer, Executive Director, Candor Health Education

Business Launch

Jim has made a major contribution to our launch of Jeunes Braves, a non-profit focused on helping young women in Africa escape poverty. Using his ActionMap software, Jim helped pull together a diverse team of new volunteers around a clear common understanding of what our operation would look after we get going.

This has set the stage for developing a pilot approach, a pitch deck, a business plan and a marketing strategy. While Jim’s software did much of the work, Jim provided valuable facilitation of these meetings, and contributed many ideas and suggestions based on his business experience. 

We have achieved in a matter of a few weeks of time and several hours of team workshops much more than I had thought possible.  As a result the team and I have a strong sense of positive energy and direction toward the success of our mission.”

Som Kpante, Executive Director, Jeunes Braves

Process Improvement

ActionMap methods “in 8 hours saved us roughly 4 four weeks of confusion and stress, and moved us 4 weeks closer to providing professional orderly service to our customers” in an IT process improvement initiative at Hewlett-Packard.

Hudi Cantrell, ISST Training, HP

Startup Support

A note of appreciation for Jim Johnson.

My colleague Anton Magnus has been struggling to define a breakthrough idea in the app space. He went into an ActionMap Inc. session with Jim and emerged with an action plan and much more confidence. Jim really does know how to help.

Bring his service into your #workdesign for more #confidence in your #actionplan.


Geordie Keitt
Agility Coach and Organizational Design Consultant 

Business Planning

The 90-minute online ActionMap process modeling session that I did with Jim Johnson was a real eye-opener about the amount of work I’m doing. In addition to highlighting the stress areas, the session gave many me insights about where we can strengthen our procedures and how we can expand our operations. The process maps and evaluations were immediately helpful in getting my advisory team on the same page in terms of contributing time and moving forward with strategy, financial planning and fund raising. I highly recommend working with Jim, he is incredibly thorough and easy to work with!

Mary Haberski, Founder, Daana Blue

Business Planning

“Participating in an ActionMap workshop led by Jim Johnson showed me the full power and effectiveness of the software. We captured about 180 pieces of information in as many minutes, all well-organized and immediately exported to PowerPoint and Excel for broader review. Our customer described the workshop as a life changing experience. I’m very pleased to be partnering with Jim in bringing this capability to my clients.”

John Allen, Allen Business Advisors 

Software Development

ActionMap process mapping techniques “brought immediate organization to a startup $10M software project; and facilitated the product to be delivered 6 months ahead of schedule with 25% less staff and hundreds of thousands of dollars below budget” at Fireman’s Fund.

Mike Gantos, General Manager, Enwisen

Business Planning

“Jim Johnson worked with me to create a dynamic approach that I could follow to develop an effective detailed business plan for Museum Hue. His collaborative approach was crucial.  A key work product was an ActionMap diagram that clearly outlined Museum Hue’s current operations. Jim encouraged me to think about how to effectively advance my work and create better strategies for the organization. Jim also highlighted Museum Hue’s unique programming and provided ideas on ways we can grow and take advantage of other opportunities. Jim’s assistance and guidance will help take Museum Hue to the next level.”

Stephanie Cunningham, Creative Director, Museum Hue 

Start Up Support

I had a very productive meeting with Jim and another colleague about my startup idea for a healthcare app. With little prior information exchange, we were able to produce and review an operating model of my MVP (minimum viable product) and create a plan for the initial steps in getting it built. Jim’s ActionMap software was used in capturing and organizing the MVP model, evaluations of the model, and major elements of the plan. In two and half hours we were able to advance my idea significantly more than I had been able to accomplish in scores of conversations with several other parties.  As a result I now have a clear, doable plan for moving forward to success.

Craig Becker, PhD, Positive Health Leadership


Strategic Alignment and Direction  

ActionMap procedures “helped produce breakthrough results in strategic alignment and direction setting in a reengineering program for an 8000-location convenience store network” at Chevron.

Joe McKinney, Partner, CSC


Please also see a list of sample engagements at this page.

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