The ActionMap® Toolkit™

ActionMap accelerates process change
by accelerating process collaboration

ActionMap delivers projects,workshops, training and software based on the ActionMap Toolkit method

ActionMap systematically creates understanding, agreement and commitment to take action

Works great for individual efforts too!

Create strong detailed consensus for action
in hours and days instead of weeks and months

Based on a proven set of procedures and formats

The ActionMap method has been used in 100+ meetings including the organizations shown here

ActionMap is now available as a SaaS application for fast-paced, high-engagement online workshops

 Overview of the ActionMap Toolkit Method and Software

“Process Workshop In-a-box”

The work is done on a single page layout that combines cause and effect transaction maps with a closely connected list of peopl’s views and interests

The map provides focus and structure while the list creates energy and engagement

A compact improvement cycle carries this focus and energy all the way through to immediately doable action items

Free online training in the ActionMap Toolkit method

for use on flipcharts, white boards and with office automation tools

60 minutes with pencil and paper gives you the basic skill

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    Why is ActionMap Different?

    ActionMap fills a gap between:

    methods that are easy to use and not effective at process change

    and methods that are effective at process change and difficult to use

    Where can ActionMap be applied?

    ActionMap can be applied to a very wide range of situations; effectively any situation that involves process change

    Please see our “Sample Engagements” page for more detail

    Key benefits compared to other methods

    Easy and Effective

    Step-by-step guided procedures for capturing:

    ■  transaction-level process maps

    ■  specifically focused evaluations

    ■  priority-oriented brainstorming ideas

    ■  commitments to agreed-on action plans 

    Fast Startup

    ■  Gain confidence in using the Toolkit with one hour of “watch and do” self-training videos and “play with it” practice

    ■  Apply the method as an agenda item within standard meetings and e-meetings 

    ■  Begin using the software with familiar groups after a few hours of personal work

    Fast Results

    ■  Systematically focus on rapidly creating strong shared understanding, agreement and commitment to take action, which are the key results of collaboration

    ■  Download information captured during the meeting to PowerPoint and Excel right after the meeting

    Highly Versatile

    ■  Can be used for anything that might be considered a process

    ■  Apply the method as an agenda item within standard meetings and e-meetings 

    ■  No advanced knowledge of the meeting content is required for the method operator

    ■  Begin operating the method in meetings with five minutes introduction to participants

    Extend Team Capabilities

    ■  Strengthen standard meeting methods

    ■  Add flexibility to complex process methods

    ■  Use the method in multiple meetings and with sub-groups to quickly cover large activity areas


    You’re in charge

    ■  No required installation, no rollout program, no extended training, no long-term commitment

    ■  Achieve standalone values in each meeting: reduce ongoing meeting costs and achieve faster process change benefits

    ■  After you learn the method you can use it in other media: paper, flipcharts, whiteboards, and drawing and spreadsheet applications.

    The bottom line: ActionMap’s goal is to create

    Collaboration Results
    in Hours and Days
    Instead of Weeks and Months

    ActionMap Inc. delivers projects,workshops, training and software based on the ActionMap® Toolkit™ method

    We have extensive experience with large-scale change initiatives

    If you are interested in learning more about how ActionMap can help you accelerate process change,
    please schedule time for a free 30-minute consultation

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    Better Faster Process Change

    Increased capability with an hour of self-training
    Continue using the skill with or without the software

    “Process Workshop In-a-box”

    Please click below to see videos for more detail

    Please note: people often do not “get it” until they see the method applied to a process that is of interest to them now.

    If you would like a demo, please contact us or sign up for 30 minute meeting at our contact page.

    Accelerate Innovation